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Bolis (Real Fruit Popcicles) – Hunter's Homegrown

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Bolis (Real Fruit Popcicles)

Bolis (Real Fruit Popcicles)

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For Local Saturday August 20th Pop Up Customers Only

Please use this page if you would like to reserve and prepay for your Saturday PopUp Specilty items. Specility Items are made in limited quantities and sold on a first come first served basis untill supplies run out. To guarentee they will be available when you arrive please consider preordering.

This weeks freshly made specilty item for August 20th will be...

A summertime icy treat!

Bolis... a Mexican style refreshing treat! Similar to a push-up popsicle like an Otter Pop. But unlike Otter Pops ,which are just water, sugar, artificial flavorings and colors, our Bolis are made with 100% real fruit juice, made from fresh fruit! No reconstituted condensed consentrates, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. 

Just Real Food with Real Flavor!

Flavors:  Strawberry Lemon 🍓🍋 Watermelon! 🍉 Mango 🥭 Pink Guava and Peach 🍑

Our Strawberry Lemon flavor will surely wake you right up with its fresh bold flavor! Made with locally sourced fresh strawberries and lemon juice that we press from Eureka lemons we grow ourselves.

Our Peach flavor is made from juicy sweet yellow peaches we grow ourselves.

Our watermelon is made from the juice of fresh sweet ripe watermelon. All the refreshing flavor without the mess and seeds.

And our Mango and Guava flavors are made from fresh fruit as well.

We make our Bolis in sealed, leak proof, refreezable packaging. So you can cool off with one here at the pop up and take some extras home for the freezer. Kids and adults alike love'm!

Only $2.00 each