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Most of our customers would recommend our organic and homemade artisan snacks in Modesto, CA, to others. Find out what their testimonials say:


Patricia writes:

Pistachios were delicious. I’ve shared them with friends and family and they love them too!


Joan writes:

So...another order of my favourite olives, Lucque with garlic and herbs and peppers.

A tapas dish of these olives, one of THOSE pistachios, a one of extra-sharp cheese served along with a cold beer IS a meal worth the name!

Hunter's Homegrown I salute you!


Manuel writes:

These pistachios are like nothing out there in stores! This product is super good! I got a bag last week and it didn't last 15 minutes at my table.


Nancy writes:

I bought both types of the olives and the orange slices dipped in chocolate as gift items for each of my family members. They were a huge hit!! They loved them! I put the olives out for our New Years celebration and our guests really liked them too! Thank you!!!! I will definitely keep checking back for new items!!!


Joan writes:

My package arrived this morning, and I am impressed beyond the telling of the care presented in the packaging and then I opened a bottle of the Sevillano olives...oh my, heavenly!

In an instant I have become your number one fan!


Shelly writes:

The first package of orange slices are almost gone...YUMMY!  Saving the syrups for the holidays for crêpes, pancakes and the likes. Oh, we will be back!


Janice writes:

I have tried the olives and I do love them. Way different from shelf olives. I love the easy pit removal and the flavors.

I will buy again along with some pistachios


Gina writes:

So my package came today. I ordered the orange and lemon, dipped in chocolate.....they are gone...delicious , fresh, and will be reordering. I also order the lemon and orange syrups, but I haven't tried them yet, but stay tune, I'll let you know...Jeff also included the orange marmalade fruit leather...also gone...delicious. Everything was packaged beautifully and arrived safe. I totally recommend Hunter's Home Grown Artisan Snacks, they are delicious, extremely fresh, and made with love. Hope you all enjoy these awesome snacks !! Thanks Jeff !!!


Jen writes:

Jeff is passionate about his preparation and presentation of his homegrown, organic produce he sells. I have had the privilege of trying most of his products. They have all tasted so fresh! I especially like the syrups. My family really enjoyed the ribs I cooked with the orange syrup. And it was so simple! I placed the ribs in the crock pot, poured in a half jar of syrup, and cooked on high for about five hours. The flavor was amazing!!! I’m sure I could have glazed with additional syrup and broiled for a few short minutes at the end for a crispiness, but that wasn’t necessary.


Jennifer writes:

I made some milk chocolate orange cupcakes using Hunter's HomeGrown Artisan Snacks Pure Orange Syrup and I’m pretty impressed with the flavor. 🍊 🍫 🧁 Thanks, Jeff Hunter, for the delicious citrus!

Orange and Chocolate Cupcakes With Pure Orange Syrup in Modesto, CA


Annette writes:

I love the chocolate dipped lemons and oranges!!!! Reminds me of a small company in Sunnyvale (who's out of business now). They made chocolate, dark and milk, covered orange peels. Sure do miss them but these are a great substitute... very tasty!! When I get a craving for chocolate, they fill it without all of the calories. I recommend highly!!


Lance writes:

A great guy with a great idea!


Annette writes:

I loved all if these products... especially the chocolate oranges! Loved the olives too...they are almost gone. I guess I need to reorder...😊


Pamela writes:

Lemon Sweetness

Really enjoyed the softness of the lemons and who can go wrong with Chocolate. Really enjoyed them and shared...

On Sweetened Lemon Slices Dipped in Dark Chocolate


Mona writes:

All Hunter’s Home Grown products

Wow, are you looking for healthy, no added preservative home grown products. This is the place. I have not used my syrups yet, but so looking forward to them. The dried oranges and lemons are wonderful. I personally like the chocolate dip best, but with or with out they are yummy. The olives, wow, what can I say. Jeff your products are the best.

On Sevillano Olives with Roasted Garlic, Jalapenos & Herbs


Jennifer writes:

Pure and tasty lemon!

I love this syrup! It’s reasonably priced and I confidently use it as an alternative to making my own which would take up way too much time and energy for the small amount I’d personally use. I use it mostly on chicken bc my family enjoys lemon chicken a lot. But I have also used it in making frosting and mixed it into a cheesecake.

On Pure Lemon Syrup (12 fl. oz. )


Vi writes:


These are the best. Make a great snack anytime. Love them...❤

On Sweetened Orange Slices Dipped in Dark Chocolate


Mona writes:

Sweetened lemon slices dipped in dark chocolate

What can I say yummy! Not only good, but good for you. Hunter’s makes the best quality and healthy produces. Thank you so much.