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Saturday Pop-Ups – Hunter's Homegrown

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Saturday Pop-Ups

Please join us for our Saturday Pop-Up Events at our home at...

3325 Polaris Street in Modesto!

This weeks freshly made specilty item for May 7th will be...

Bolis... a Mexican style refreshing icy treat! Similar to a push-up popsicle. 

Our Strawberry Lemon flavor will surely wake you right up with its fresh bold flavor! Made with locally sourced fresh strawberries and lemon juice we press from our own Eureka lemons. We make our Bolis in sealed leak proof, refreezable packaging. So you can cool off with one here at the pop up and take some extras home for the freezer. Kids and adults love'm!

Only $2.00 each

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Our Neighborhood Pop Ups will be held most Saterdays, starting May through October from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

What you can look forward to!

We'll not only have all of the yummy snacks and goodies that are featured on our website at HuntersHome

But also farmers market style offerings of fresh organic fruits and vegitables that are (currently in season) that we grow right here on the property. Tree ripened fruits, like  lemons, peaches, figs, pomagranits, cherries, kumquats, passion fruit and avacodos to name a few. And a selection of freshly picked vegitables too.

But wait that's not all!

Each Saterday we will feature a different and unique, freshly made specialty item! It could be a delisious entree, a delectable dessert, something freshly baked or an ice cold beverage!

You can check back right here on the Pop Up Page each week to discover the featured speciality item, and available fruits and vegitables we will have.

Or if you'd like to know ahead of time what the specialty item will be for the following Saterday, we encourage you to sign up for our Saterday Pop Up Emails. Each Monday we'll send you an email announcing the featured specilty item, and fruits and vegies for the following Saterday to help you plan appropriately. 

Just go to and sign up for your our email updates located at the top of our home page! 

See ya at the Pop Up! 🍒🥑🍋🍊👀

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