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News Letter Updates

Hunter's HomeGrown
Commercial Kitchen Update!


Well it's been over a year since I started this dream and this project of converting my attached garage into a commercial kitchen. The project started off with adding additional ceiling joists last January. Then I installed a new electrical sub-panel and pulled wiring for numerous 120/240 volt receptacles and lighting. Followed by new copper plumbing, adding hot and cold water for the future commercial stainless steel kitchen sink and hand washing station.

But then work seemed to come to a halt for several months while I waited for a freind to come through and install all my insulation and sheetrock.

However, that never happened, so I finally found and hired a great contractor to finish the work. I'm pleased to report... this project has now been launched into hyper drive! The sheetrock should be taped and textured by this Monday. Then everything will be painted with a two part epoxy commercial grade kitchen paint and the concrete floor sealed with epoxy paint as well.

After that I'll take over once more around the middle of November and bring back in from storage, all my equipment and supplies, clean everything immaculately and set up shelves and equipment.

This new kitchen will soon be the future home of Artisan Snack Foods! All operations will finally be consolidated on site. From the growing a lot of the organic ingredients we use, to making all the small batch handmade goodies and snacks we specialize in.

Once the new kitchen is complete and online, I'll be expanding the list of snacks and goodies we offer to include...

Beef Jerky
Vanilla Extract and Infused Sugar
Flavored Toasted Coconut Shavings
Flavored Kale Chips,
Paleo/Keto friendly Cheese Crisps Organic Freeze Dried Real Fruit Crunch Bars
Real Fruit... Fruit Leathers

As well as continuing with my...

Flavored Pistachio Nuts
French Lucque Olives with Roasted Garlic
Lightly Sweetened Organic Orange and Lemon Slices Dipped in 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate
And 100% Pure Lemon and Orange Syrups!

If it's incredibly delicious and must be

Real Food
Always Fresh Ingredients and
Minimally Processed
We NEVER use any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.