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Sevillano Olives with Roasted Garlic, Jalapenos & Herbs – Hunter's Homegrown

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Sevillano Olives with Roasted Garlic, Jalapenos & Herbs

Sevillano Olives with Roasted Garlic, Jalapenos & Herbs

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Try Our Hand Cured, Small Batch, Artisan Olives Uniquely Flavored with Roasted Garlic!

Special Note: Green Olives vs. Black Olives

Lots of folks enjoy "Black olives" also commonly known as "California ripe olives" but don't care for the taste of green olives. They make the distinction that if the olives are green they won't like them. Important fact: All olives start off green! Typically, some people assume cured olives that appear green have been fermented and have that sour taste (like Spanish or Mediterranean style olives) which they don't like. So for some Green olives = Bad sour taste. But this is not true for our olives!

Because did you know that so-called "black olives" start off as unripe green olives. And the only reason they are black is that during the curing process they are exposed to oxygen and chemicals such as Calcium Chloride, Iron Salts and Ferrous Gluconate which artificially oxidizes and turns them black!

So just to set the record straight... our olives appear green... but have the flavor profile of black olives which we then infused with roasted garlic, jalapeños, and fresh herbs. In our case, "Green = Incredibly Delicious and without chemicals.

Picked fresh from the orchard, we hand cure our olives in small batches. Then we can them in a sea salt brine with freshly roasted garlic cloves, jalapeño rings, and herbs. Olives made with "fresh garlic cloves" are common in stores. But we use roasted garlic gloves creating a flavor profile that's very unique. The roasted garlic infuses the olives with that wonderful mellow flavor we all love. And the jalapeños provide a mild heat. You're sure to enjoy our uniquely flavored hand cured olives.     

No preservative, artificial flavors or colors, G.M.O. free and no gluten.               

This product contains olive pits. Refrigerate after opening.