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Flavored Pistachio Nuts – Hunter's Homegrown

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Flavored Pistachio Nuts

Hunter's HomeGrown starts with Premium grade California grown pistachios, then we flavor them with... absolutely fresh, wholesome, pure ingredients such as; Fresh Jalapeños, Serrano Peppers, Hatch Chilies, Garlic, Sage & Sea Salt!

Other producers of so-called, "Flavored" pistachios dust their pistachios with dry, powered, flavorings that may also contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

At Hunter's HomeGrown Artisan Snacks we are all about "Real Food" and we only use fresh ingredients to add honest and true flavor to what nature has grown! No artificial flavors, cheap powders, preservatives or colors.

Our flavored pistachios are bursting with naturally intensely fresh flavor! Your nose will surely confirm that when you open your first bag. Try one of our pistachio flavors and taste the difference for yourself! 

Available Now:

  • Jalapeño & Garlic with Herbs (Moderate Heat)

Coming soon:

  • Serrano Pepper & Garlic with Herbs (Hot!)
  • Hatch Chili & Garlic with Herbs (Mild Heat)
  • Garlic & Herbs (No Heat)
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